2019-2020 tryouts:week of April 22nd 2018!

To determine the age your child would try out for you would take the seasonal year from the spring season and subtract your child’s birth year.  The result is the age group you will play in.  For example, we play next season as the 2018/2019 season.  Again taking the year ending the season (2019) and subtracting child’s birth year (2006) you get: 2019 – 2006 = 13.  Your child would play U13.


Who is eligible for tryouts?

Bethlehem Soccer Club follows guidelines published by US Soccer.  For this upcoming season, children born during the 2010 calendar year, mush play at the U9 level.  Beyond U8, BSC no longer offers an Academy/Recreational style program.  We are solely a travel soccer program, with teams formed through a tryout process.


What does the tryout process consist of?

  • The tryout process consists of 1 or 2 workouts, which will be held in early May.  Coaches will be looking at a number of factors including, but not limited to, individual skill, fitness, athleticism and coachability.
  • In order to tryout, you must register on our website (  There is no cost to tryout.   If you are offered a spot on the team, you do have the ability to decline.


How many players are on a team?

  • At U9 & U10, teams play 7v7 games.  Per US Soccer and EPYSA guidelines, rosters can be no bigger than 12 players.  
  • At U10 & U11, teams play 9v9 games.  Per US Soccer EPYSA guidelines, rosters can be no bigger than 16 players.  
  • AT U13 and up, teams play 11 v. 11 games (10 field players and 1 goalkeeper).  Max roster 22 players (4 alternates, only 18 can dress for a game)
  • *If there is enough interest and we can find enough coaches, we will consider multiple teams at each age group.


What type of commitment are you looking for?

  • As a travel soccer club, our goal is to offer kids the chance to play soccer and develop as much as possible.  With that being said, we ask for a 1 year commitment.  The typical season starts in August and ends in early June.  The expectation is that teams will play a fall season,  a winter season and a spring season, as well as a few tournaments.​

  • During the fall season, one can expect practices twice a week and roughly a 10 game schedule from Labor day through early November.  Columbus day is also a very large soccer tournament weekend.

  • During the winter season, one can expect optional trainings once a week at a local indoor facility as well as a league game once a week (typically at the Lou Ramos center in Allentown or Iron Lakes in Allentown).

  • During the spring season, one can expect to return to practices twice a week with an estimated 8 game schedule.  The state cup tournaments are typically held in the Spring as well.


My child is interested in other sports.  Does that mean he/she cannot commit?

  • We at BSC encourage kids to play multiple sports.  The leagues that we register for typically try to create a schedule that will not conflict with other sports (i.e. spring soccer games are only on Sunday afternoons, leaving Saturdays completely free for baseball/softball).  With that being said, soccer is considered to be a primary sport in the fall and thus players are expected to play.

  • As previously stated, we do expect a full year commitment.  Unfortunately, there are tight rules on roster turnover run by US Soccer and EPYSA, so while we understand there may be conflicts and a player may miss training and games from time to time, we do ask that parent’s do their best to manage these conflicts so the entire team is not impacted.


How much travel should I expect?

  • As a travel soccer club, our goal is to be amongst the best team’s in the area.  We currently have team’s participating in 2 leagues (Lehigh Valley YSL and Inter-County).  The Lehigh Valley league typically includes teams from the Lehigh Valley and as far north as the Scranton area and the Poconos.  Inter-County includes teams from the Lehigh Valley and as far South as King of Prussia.

  • During the fall and spring seasons, half of the team’s games will be at our home fields (in Bethlehem).  The away game travel depends on divisional placement by the respective leagues.  It would be reasonable to expect 4-6 away games in the fall and 3-5 away games in the spring.  Most away games are 20-30 minutes away, but can be up to about 1.5 hour drive time.  

  • During the winter season, all games are held at the same facility, which will be one of the Allentown indoor facilities.


How much will this cost?

  • 2018-2019 season will cost 400.00 plus uniform fees (uniforms are good for two years).  This fee will include the Fall Season, Winter training and games, Spring Season, and 1-2 tournaments. Certain tournament costs are not included and may be collected separately.

  • A kit includes, at a minimum, a home and away jersey, a pair of shorts and home and away socks.  We are also working to have a training jersey included.  Estimated costs will be approximately $100 and the purchased kit will be good for 2 years.  Our vendor will also have individual kit items available for sale (in case player’s hit a growth spurt).

  • Bethlehem Soccer Club is a non-profit (501c3) organization.  The fees you pay go towards a number of factors including field Rentals,  field maintenance (i.e. paint), league registration fees, equipment (game balls, cones, etc), referee fees and trainer fees.


Why BSC and not my local YMCA or Township Athletic Association?

  • We hold a very high standard at BSC.  All of our coaches are required to have a coaching license (either through EPYSA or through NSCAA).  We try to utilize U.S. Soccer and Olympic Development Program trainers.

  • Your local YMCA or Township Athletic Association is often run by individuals without the experience or knowledge of soccer or how to develop players. 




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