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The Bethlehem Soccer Club (BSC) of Pennysylvania (PA), a member of the Lehigh Valley Youth Soccer League (LVYSL), is dedicated to the development of great youth soccer players in a soccer club environment not just for kids in the Bethlehem, PA area. Throughout Allentown, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Easton, and the greater Lehigh Valley intercounty regions of Pennsylvania, we are concentrating on teaching soccer players and coaches good sportmanship, respect, and loyalty for eachother, the soccer officials, and the other soccer club competitors. We're also part of the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA).




Travel Team Tryout Registration:

Bethlehem Soccer Club online tryout registrations are now CLOSED.  Please contact coaches directly for tryout opportunities. 



·    To determine the age your child would try out for you would take the seasonal year from the spring season and subtract your child’s birth year.  The result is the age group you will play in.  For example, we play next season as the 2016/2017 season.  Again taking the year ending the season (2017) and subtracting child’s birth year (2006) you get: 2017 – 2006 = 11.  Your child would play U11. 


U9 Boys – Kristin Spang -

U10 Boys – Ron Myer -  

U10 Girls - Kristin Spang -

U11 Boys – Bill Horvath -

U12 Girls – Stephan Ohl -

U12 Boys – Ken Wycherley -

U13 Boys – Eric MacIlroy –

U14 Girls – Brian Lynn –

U14 Boys – Shane Burke –



U9 Boys – Completed

U10 Boys – April 30th & May 7th

U10 Girls – Completed

U11 Boys – May 1st & May 7th

U12 Girls – May 2nd & May 7th

U12 Boys – May 1st

U13 Boys – May 7th

U14 Girls - May 7th

U14 Boys - May 7th

US Youth Soccer Changes for the 2016-2017 Season

Club Members,

The BSC Board is coming to you as parents not just board members with this new information.  It is effecting all of our children in the travel programs too. 

In August 2015 US Soccer Announced:
“In another step towards its commitment to long-term player development, U.S. Soccer is phasing in new standards related to small-sided games and birth-year registration.”

The new standards mandate a change from school year based age groupings to birth year age groupings.  The changes are recommended for 2016 but not mandated until 2017.  However, BSC has already been notified by Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association that they are implementing the new mandates beginning Fall 2016.  Additionally, BSC has been notified by the leagues that we participate in that they are following these changes as well and that all state competitions are moving to this age change. 

The BSC Board of Directors have weighed the pros and cons of following the recommended birth year age groupings or keeping existing teams intact, which results in numerous players “playing up”, and after careful consideration and discussion BSC has decided that we will follow the recommended guidelines and move to birth year age groupings beginning in Fall 2016.  We feel having players play up against opponents that may be up to 18 months older is not in the best interest of the players or the teams in the majority of cases. 

BSC fully understands that this will certainly change the dynamic and make-up of almost every team in the club and we understand the anxiety that may present to both the players and their parents.  However, this is a change that is being adopted by most clubs in the area that we have spoken to, so keeping our current teams intact would not be in the best interest of the teams or the club from a competitive standpoint. 

Note:  These changes have no effect on current teams for the Spring 2016 season.  

The age changes work like this.  Basically take the seasonal year from the spring season and subtract your child’s birth year.  The result is the age group you will play in.  For example, we play next season as the 2016/2017 season.  Again taking the year ending the season (2017) and subtracting child’s birth year (2006) you get: 2017 – 2006 = 11.  Your child would play U11. 

The club will host tryouts in late April and all players will register in their appropriate age group.  We will offer each player the choice to tryout up one age group only.  If you do not try out for your own age group and do not make the older team you will not have a team in BSC to play for.  No one will be given a free ride back down to their proper age group. 

Registration for tryouts will be open soon and you will receive an email from the club for sign-ups. 

Currently we will be holding tryouts for the 2016/2017 Season in the following age groups:

Boys                                        Girls

U10 – Myer                               U10 – Spang/Patrick

U11 – Horvath/Russo              U11 - Teran

U12 – Wycherley                      U12 - Ohl

U13 – Macilroy                         U14 – Lynn/Summers

U14 – Burke/Trauger 

We are a volunteer run club and do not have a coach volunteering for either U9 boys or girls at this point.  If you are interested in that please email me immediately.  If no parents step up we will not offer a team at those age groups next year. 

U15 – This age group is being discussed by the league and we will know more after the league meeting on March 8th.  This will apply to all players in 8th grade.  Some of you are U15 eligible and others are U14.  The question is whether or not there will be enough clubs fielding a team in this age group to have a league.  If there is no league the club will address that with the players that fall into that age group.

Advice – Please plan accordingly.  Do your research and look into other clubs.  Make sure your child has a place to play next year.  Every club is going to go through the same thing.  Players will be switching clubs.  Tryout for other clubs, to ensure that your son or daughter plays. 

The next year will be difficult for all of us.  If you have any questions please email.  We will answer them as quickly as possible. 

Thank you.

BSC Board

BSC Sponsors

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